“Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”



Style and Texture is a full service interior design firm. We specialize in transforming your dreams into your reality. Whether you are seeking a full renovation, re-design, home organization, or a simple update, Style and Texture serves as a one stop shop for Interior Design.

Services We Offer

Interior Design

Property Staging



I’ve heard that design can be very expensive. What if I don’t have a huge budget?

Consider the importance of investing in yourself and your home. Our design services are for every budget. Your investment determines the outcome.

What if I only need a little guidance in which items to select and where to purchase them?

Our E-Design services are perfect for the DYI enthusiasts. We do the hard work of sourcing for you so all you have to do is order your products and eagerly wait for their delivery.

What if I don’t like the design you select?

Prior to moving forward on any project, you will receive detailed product information and pricing options. We will not proceed until you have given us final approval to do so. This prevents any discrepancies or mistakes. Our ultimate goal is our clients satisfaction.

Is it possible to physically see the products before I purchase them?

In some circumstances, yes. However, as we deal with a lot of custom pieces that are made to order, not everything is available for show prior to your purchase. We will however, allow our local customers to accompany us at local showrooms.

I saw a fabric that I really liked for my accent pillows. Can you search for the fabric for me?

Yes. Our pillow services are highly customizable. Our services includes sourcing for specific fabrics and accents upon request. Although we do not guarantee that we can fulfill every request, we will do our due diligence is searching for the requested item or something comparable.

Can you prep our home prior to us placing it on the market?

Yes. Our staging services are all encompassing. In addition to the actual staging, we can also remove clutter, provide professional cleaning services, remodeling and/or renovation services, in addition to providing professional photographs of the finished work. We work directly with the home owners and/or Real Estate Agents to achieve this outcome.

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