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Style and Texture

Many years ago, a wise man gave me the best advice that I continue to embrace to this very day.  “Make a decision and stick with it, regardless of the consequences.” After over 20 years of practicing as a clinical therapist in the nonprofit sector,  I decided to follow those wise words and pursue a life of creative design.  I took a leap of faith and discovered an unwavering passion which led me to the imaginative, inventive and beautiful world of Interior Design.




Texture, for me, is defined as the distinctive physical composition or structure of an object.  It’s a harmonious relationship with respect to style, size, color, shape and arrangement. Simply put, design is a feeling. It awakens the senses and allows you to experience unmitigated bliss. And this is the ultimate goal of Style and Texture. To color outside of the lines and allow creativity to  run rampant all in the name of design. We believe in the diversity of design. The mixing of textures, patterns and colors in order to create a well balanced space that speaks to the human senses. Regardless of the amount of the design budget, your financial investment is our top priority. And for this reason, we will work tirelessly to make sure that the end result exceeds your expectations

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